mo & bsd
1. Who is the last person you held hands with?
Umn, with my best friends Emmi and Naddi

2. If you were drafted into a war, would you survive?
I dont think so.

3. Where were you 30 min ago?
I dont no, maybe in the bathroom, kitchen , or my room, I really dont know ^^

4. Do you drink milk out of the carton?

5. Have you ever won a spelling bee?
I dont know the word spelling bee?

6. Were your parents cool in high school?
Hmmn maybe?

7. How fast can you type?
Not very fast but it's ok, it's not ten finger typing although I had learned this one year x)

8. Are you afraid of the dark?
No, not really

9. Eye color?

10. How old are you?

11. When is the last time you chose a bath over a shower?
Yesterday in the evening

12. Currently listening to...?
Billy Talent-River Below

13. Are you drinking anything right now?
Right now not but for a while water

15. Can you hula hoop?
Ehm no, just a little, little bit

17. What do you want for Christmas?
My favourite shoes of Vans, but not the Slip on one's.

19. Do you talk in your sleep?

20. Who wrote the book of love?
I don't understand this question .. I dont even know this book?

22. Are your parents divorced?
Divorced? If it's that what I think my answer is no

25. Current hair color?

26. Plans for tomorrow?
I don't really have a plan, I could see this tomorrow

27. When was the last time you said "I love you."
Today? Yesterday? But only friendsship love

28. How do you feel today?
Very goog but a little bit tired

29. Are you loved?
How does I know?

30. What color is the sky?
Blue, always blue

31. Are you a romantic?
Yes, very romantic

32. Are you black?
Ehm no?

33. Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school?
No (:

34. What are you looking forward to?
Today? I would go buy some presents for christmas than to Naddi, than we will go with Venja and Jenny to Annegret for our costumes and theeen we would go dancing

35 Have you ever crawled through a window?
Urgh .. ehm not me but someone for me because I was trapped in the bathroom. Thanks a lot

36. Ever snuck out of your house?
Snuck? Whats that? Umn I think ausgesperrt? Yes but I can't remember a lot

37. Have you ever eaten dog food?
Noo. But's a fine idea .. No not really xD

38. Can you handle the truth?
I think so

39. Do you like green eggs and ham?
Green eggs? If they're only coloured, yes

40. What 3 things do you almost always bring w/you to places?
My Mobilephone, my buscart and my I pod

41. Any cool scars?
Cool not but scars

43. How many kids do you plan on having?
One or maybe two =)

44. What do you do when no one is watching?
I'm perhaps singing or dancing or some other crazy things

45. Have you ever been in love?
Yes.. yes...

46. Do you talk to yourself?
Always ... hello domi, how are you? I'm fine and you? ...

47. Is there something you want that you can't have?
Hmm, yes.. A partnership with infinitely love

48. Personality, eyes or a nice watermelon?
Funny, watermelons are so important xD Well I think the personality is most important

49. What are you thinking about right now?
Nothing important :p

50. Who did you last hug?
My best friend Naddi before I enter (?) ( go into) the bus

51. Where is your cell phone?
On my nighttable

52. What was the last thing you ate?
Lion's .. Ehm of course the chocolat

53. what do your last text message say?
Umn, I think I asked when his work ends. And I wrote that I need him, of course :* But he didnt answer XD Argh Chrizz you're a unfriendly frog :P

54. Favourite colour(s)?
blue, bright green and so on

55. Last movie you watched?
movie? Ehmn thats a while ago Mädchen Mädchen 1

56. What song do you currently hear?
Billy Talent-Nothing to lose

57. What do you want?
At the moment or what?

58. Have you ever dated anyone on your friends list?
Ehm yes of course, it's normal if they're my friends, or not?
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